C++ Concurrency in Action pdf

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C++ Concurrency in Action pdf

C++ Concurrency in Action. Anthony Williams

C++ Concurrency in Action

ISBN: 9781617294693 | 575 pages | 15 Mb

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C++ Concurrency in Action Anthony Williams
Publisher: Manning Publications Company

Recognizing the importance of preserving what has been written, it is Manning's policy to have the books we publish printed on acid-free paper, and we exert our best efforts to that end. Is the first book to market to show how to take. Advantage of the new C++ Standard and how to write robust multi-threaded. Several important features are highlighted in red—these are explained below. This book will show you how to write robust multithreaded applications in C++ while avoiding many common pitfalls. Ľ�者, 同时也是boost::thread库的(前)作者, 实力碉堡, 你甚至可以在stackoverflow上 看到他回答的问题. Summary C++ Concurrency in Action is a reference and guide to the new C++ 11 Standard for experienced C++ programmers as well as those who have never written multithreaded code. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Library Abstraction for C/C++ Concurrency. ǜ�到有书评说C++0x的concurrency的书, 但实际上没有C++0x的 语言特性, 新的thread库也能work的很好. As noted in §1, specifications are just al- ternative library .. With the new C++ Standard and Technical Report 2 (TR2), multi-threading is. A glowing review of Anthony Williams' book on C++11's support for concurrency A Word Aligned article posted 2013-01-21, tagged C++, Reviews. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for C++ Concurrency in Action at Amazon.com. ǔ�至说跳出C++, 光memory model, lock- free, CPU cache line optimization就是编程语言通用的.